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The EN13606 Consortium will publish artefacts on its website.

Therefore we have to decide on Intellectual Property Rights, ownership and Publication Licenses.

We have investigated the issues and propose some lines of thought and actions.

Our proposal is:

  1. The EN13606 Consortium is founded to own, produce, maintain and publish artefacts derived from the Open Standards CEN/ISO EN13606 and needed for the implementation of the Two Level Modelling paradigm.
  2. Authors of original works -to their discretion- can hand over IP Rights to the EN13606 Consortium.
  3. The EN13606 Consortium publishes artefacts, with an IP owned by others or itself, that pertains to the human readable parts, only.
  4. The Licensing policy that will be used by the EN13606 Consortium for all artefacts owned, produced, maintained and published will be the Creative Commons license: CC-BY-SA.
  5. The EN13606 Consortium needs a legal entity that can hold IP Rights and execute the Licensing policy and be able to enter into agreements with SDOʼs and SSOʼs.
  6. The EN13606 Consortium will establish an Association as the legal Public entity.

The discussion has been closed. The General Assembly will take a decision

Document for download: EN13606 IPR, Licenses and Organisation

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